Thursday, April 24, 2014



My photo of Boston Store used here, sans credit. I don't care, much, because there are a lot of fun photos here. Though, it is unfortunate that this dude didn't give credit to most of the photographers who took the photos.


The Real House Candidates of Beverly Hills


Inside the race to represent California’s absurdly wealthy — and sometimes just absurd — 33rd district.

Sushis New Vanguard

All over New York, a more adventurous attitude awaits.

By JEFF GORDINIER via NYT Dining & Wine

Get Cracking

By MARK BITTMAN via NYT Magazine

12 recipes that take the hard-boiled egg beyond Easter.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

“An Espresso From La Colombe on Randolph” was uploaded to Flickr

West Loop

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An Espresso From La Colombe on Randolph was taken on April 22, 2014 at 06:58PM

“Truckin' My Blues Away - Blind Boy Fuller” was uploaded to Flickr

Yazoo Records

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Truckin' My Blues Away - Blind Boy Fuller was taken on April 23, 2014 at 05:58PM

“Big Star - #1 Record” was uploaded to Flickr

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Big Star - #1 Record was taken on April 23, 2014 at 06:02PM

“Viva Reckless Records!” was uploaded to Flickr

Spent a little more than anticipated at Reckless Records in the Loop. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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Viva Reckless Records! was taken on April 23, 2014 at 05:20PM

The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (Subtitulado/Traducido en español) by javi was here

Para ver los subtítulos, click en el botón inferior derecho. Si tenéis alguna sugerencia de canción para subtitular, no dudéis en comentarlo!

The Rights of Man . . . and Beast


Steven Wise is arguing for the legal “personhood” of chimps and other animals. And no one is laughing him out of the courtroom.

The Milk Punch Revival

The newly popular version of milk punch is a clear drink, not a creamy one.

By ROBERT SIMONSON via NYT Dining & Wine

Barchetta a New Showcase for Italian Seafood Opens

David Pasternack gained a reputation at Esca for his affinity with sea creatures.


Bread-Making Classes Small Bagels Bread Knives and More

Recommendations for the week of April 22.


Fried Chicken in Butter Form

A spread combines seasoned, rendered chicken fat, sweet cream butter and maple syrup.

By MELISSA CLARK via NYT Dining & Wine

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Recipes to Savor to the Last Crumb

Bake white bread, English muffins and walnut bread in your own kitchen.

By THE NEW YORK TIMES via NYT Dining & Wine

Lets Start With Bread and Water

At many restaurants, what once was free now must be requested. This must change.

By PETE WELLS via NYT Dining & Wine

Five Great New York Breads

The Dining section tasted 20 assorted loaves from recently opened bakeries to find five you should put on your table.

By THE NEW YORK TIMES via NYT Dining & Wine

Against the Grain

Artisanal baking goes renegade, combining snail-pace, primordial techniques with a cutting-edge approach.

By JEFF GORDINIER via NYT Dining & Wine

Tartines Country Bread: Be Patient Perfection Is Near

Chad Robertson’s recipe has reached cult status among passionate home bakers.

By SUZANNE LENZER via NYT Dining & Wine

One Plate Two Plates Small Plates All

At Telepan Local, a serving can be too much or too little.

By PETE WELLS via NYT Dining & Wine

“Thumping Banana Bass Beats” was uploaded to Flickr

Actual title / artist unknown. Alleyway, near Belmont/Clark

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Thumping Banana Bass Beats was taken on April 19, 2014 at 01:12PM

Counting Death in the Movies

By THE STAFF via NYT Magazine

For characters that die and stay dead, the website Movie Body Counts keeps track of deaths in movies.

If a Bubble Bursts in Palo Alto Does It Make a Sound?

By ANNIE LOWREY via NYT Magazine

Silicon Valley’s isolation from the rest of the economy guarantees it can’t hurt us (or help us) much.